Nasal Decompression

Nasal specific therapy has been used by Naturopaths for over 50 years. The face and head is made of several bones that fit neatly together along various suture lines. Sometimes these bones can be traumatically displaced if any head trauma or hard impacts have happened to the body. Sports players, especially soccer players run this risk just by heading the ball. When an injury occurs to the face, you can think of it as a force that is like compressing a pop can. Nasal specific acts to decompress the pop can. As someone who has personally gained a lot of relief from this technique, I can say it truly is amazing the amount of relief it can bring!

This technique is relatively simple and quick; it uses small balloons in which we use to insert into the sinuses through the nose. These are then quickly inflated and removed. It is a great therapy that has benefits to those suffering from sinus infections, chronic allergy obstruction, trauma to the face and/or nose. It opens the sinus passages, can adjust the bones of the head if out of place, and replace the space the sinuses occupy.

We typically recommend a series of three. Maintenance treatments may be suggested to
those with chronic conditions.

Conditions it treats:

  • Hypothyroid
  • Eustacian tubes
  • Sinusitis
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Traumatic injury
  • Headaches
  • Pituitary
  • Seizures
  • Deviated septum
  • Surgery – what was done
  • Down’s syndrome

  • Blood thinners
  • Hemophilia
  • Cocaine use
  • Perforated septum
  • Recent surgery
  • Cleft palate – surgery with hardware
  • Extensive orthodontia
  • Plastic surgery/cosmetic work